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Dont think too much from astrology perspective. You are still very young to be bogged down by astrology and fate. Take control of things. Even if something is really bad in our charts, with the change in dasha and antar dahsa our time changes too. All good things come to an end so will the bad things. The power of suggestion is really strong.

Kartari yoga in astrology what does conjunction

If someone says "This is bad", we tend to keep looking at everything from that perspective and tend to attribute every bad thing to that. Nothing is worng with your Lagna lord. It is NOT in paap kartari. I am a Cancer ascendant and have a debilitated Mars in the ascendant.

I believe I also have paap kartari yoga, since I have functional malefic Jupiter in Gemini in the 12th house and Saturn in Leo in the 2nd house. Can someone help me figure out if a this is correct b what I can do about it It is scaring me, since 1st house is the physical body and Mars is in Cancer already Tags destroying , house , kartari , paap , yoga Thread Tools. All times are GMT. The time now is PM. Contact Us - AstrologyWeekly.

Papa Kartari Yoga

Boards' structure and all posts are property of AstrologyWeekly. No part of the messages sent on these boards may be copied without their owners' explicit consent. Though I never like to post anything negative about Astrology but this is one So , a Paap Kartari Yoga occurs when a house of horoscope has a malefic Saturn mercury conjunction in 2nd house and moon rahu conjunction in 4th house.

Concept and Analysis is exactly the same as Paap Kartari Yoga, only the difference is that it is a benefic yoga.

Amavasya Dosha

So, in Shubh Kartari Yoga, a house of horoscope. Shubh Kartari of course gives good results and paap Kartari gives negative results for the house which is hemmed.

But see the Kartari yoga in conjunctions as. I read a lot about Paap Kartari Yoga, but I don't know if it applies under the On both sides both houses there are two conjunctions between a. In Vedic astrology associations the planets form or variations of how they are placed in the chart are referred to as. It can bring all sort of hidden thing, secret things, obstacles, struggles etc.

Moreover being second from 7th house it is responsible for the sustenance of marriage. If 8th house is afflicted, 8th lord makes connection with 7th lord or house it may bring all sort negative result for marriage. If 12th house is afflicted it indicates poor sexual life and if 12th lord is afflicted it shows lack of interest in Sexual Life.

Lastly we have to see the condition of Upapada Lagna. It is the Arudha Pada of the 12th house. For example if you are born with Taurus Lagna, then your 12th lord will be Mars. If Mars is placed in Cancer, it will be 4 sign away from 12th house. We will again count 4 sign from Cancer to get the Upapada Lagna.

Libra will be the Upapada Lagna UL. Upapada Lagna shows the quality of relationship a person will have with Spouse.

If Benefic planets are aspecting the Upapada Lagna, it indicates a good Marriage. The Lord of Upapda Lagna and planets aspecting it has immense importance when judging the spouse nature, character, background etc. The second house from Upapada Lagna shows the stability or sustenance of the marriage. If the 2nd from UL is having malefic planets like Rahu, Mars or aspect of Malefic planets, it shows the divorce chance in astrology. There are numerous Divorce Yog in astrology and it is very difficuilt to remember them all too. So i am going to discuss some of the most important divorce indicators in astrology.

These are the main fundamental principles of Divorce in vedic astrology. We have to see these condition from Lagna, Moon and also in Navamsa. We have to keep in mind that Jupiter aspect can save a marriage inspite of serious affliction. You may be interested to read Astrological combination for rich spouse. Now Lets understand the Timing of Separation in astrology.

Divorce may happen in the Dasha of 7th lord itself, if it is associated with 6th or 8th house. The divorce in astrology may also happen during the time period of the planets that afflicts the 4th house specially if they also own the 6th, 8th or 12th house too. The divorce in Horoscope astrology may also happen during the period of Rahu, Mars or saturn if they are associated with 4th, 7th or 12th house and creates a combination for Divorce in astrology.

Now Lets discuss some charts to understand the principles of divorce prediction in Kundli. The ascendant of the native is Taurus and the ascendant lord Venus is debilitated in the 5th house in the sign of Virgo.

What is Marriage matching?

Venus is aspected by Jupiter, the lord of the sign of exaltation of Venus. Hence Venus gets Neechbhang yoga cancellation of debilitation. Read: The importance of Neech Bhang Yoga. The 7th house from the ascendant is hemmed between two malefic Mars and Ketu. The 7th lord Mars is situated in the 6th house in the sign of Venus and aspected by malefic Saturn and Rahu. Mars is also posited in the Swati Nakshatra whose lord is Rahu, a strong malefic.

Therefore the 7th house and the 7th lord from the ascendant are heavily afflicted. The 7th house from Moon is occupied by the 7th lord Saturn which is aspected bl the 12th lord Mars from the 6th house. Therefore the 7t house and the 7th lord from the natal Moon are afflicted. Mars being the 6th lord, it is also functional malefic too. The significator of Marriage Venus is placed in the 8th house.

So the condition of divorce in astrology is satisfied in Navamsa too. After Divorce many people get married again. But every one is not fortunate enough to have a good 2nd marriage though. Check if your chart is having Yogas for 2nd marriage.

Papa Kartari Yoga

No generic Solution of Astrology will Work on Every chart. I have tried to give some information about How to see Divorce in Vedic Astrology. You can take my Astrology Consultation. If you think i have missed anything, please do not forget to comment. If you like it, please do share it. Debraj is a professional Astrologer with More than 10 years of Practical experience.

Yogas in Astrology - क्या है पाप कर्तरी दोष, कुंडली में दोष निवारण के उपाय एवं शुभ योग Vaibhav Vyas

Started learning Vedic astrology in a very early age around 12 yrs and almost more than 20 years in astrological study. If divorce or separation happened… Due to malefic planets in 7 th house.. What about 2nd marriage.? That marriage also unhappy marriage or good marriage… And that 2nd relation also same like 1st relation or what…? Thanks for your comment Praveen. If the the first marriage is not good, that does not mean that the 2nd marriage will also be bad. May be the the first marriage is poor because of problem with 7th house or lord. But 2nd marriage will be calculated from 2nd house.

So 2nd marriage and 1st marriage result will not be same. See if you have Marital Problem in your chart. More so,if lord of 7th house too is conjunct Rahu.